Friday Morning Iced Coffee Date (12/16)

Good morning and HAPPY FRIDAY, friends!

It’s Friday morning and you know what that means: It’s time for an iced coffee date! I’m drinking my iced coffee with eggnog this morning, so it’s festive, fun, creamy, and sweet. Perfection. What are you drinking this morning?


Speaking of coffee…

I’m kind of annoyed with Marylou’s lately. Remember how much I used to love their coffee? It was actually kind of an obsession. Well, I haven’t been thrilled with my last few Marylou’s experiences. The iced coffee is so watered-down nowadays. Like the eggnog iced coffee that I bought the other day… it was basically coffee-flavored water with a hint of eggnog flavoring. Ugh. Annoying. Related: At home, I’m brewing the Coconut Hawaiian Coffee from, and it’s the bomb. And, of course, much more cost-effective than buying it/wasting my money at Marylou’s! coffee

Random thoughts related to the photo above:

  1. We recently unlocked the child safety locks on our kitchen cabinets (except the one under the sink with the cleaning supplies) because our “baby” doesn’t really need them anymore. (We have the drill-free magnetic ones, so we can always lock them again if Qman decides he wants to go nuts with the Tupperware or something.) It’s crazy how quickly time flies when you have a little one. When Quinn was a newborn, certain stages felt like they would last forever and life would never change. Looking back, the past 2.5 years have totally flown by and those stages are just a blink in the past. The days are long, but the years are short.
  2. You can see just a glimpse of my shirt in the photo above, but I’m obsessed with this top from Brooks. I absolutely love the color and the fit is pure perfection… soft and cozy, slimming with length and extra coverage. It’s great for winter runs as well as wearing to and from the gym and running errands around town. Love!

Here I am, just hanging out in my Threshold Long Sleeve Running Shirt... you know, behind Salt Shack CrossFit, near the backhoe and pet store dumpsters. #fashionblogger


Speaking of “fashion blogging”… I got all dressed up for our second Designed to Fit Nutrition software meeting yesterday. We got to see the design interface for the very first time, and it’s incredible! It’s super user-friendly, much more professional, and exactly what we need to take us to the next level with our business. Kerrie and I were literally giddy with excitement when we left the meeting!!


I talked to Nicole of Whole Health RD on the phone the other day. (FYI: She has an awesome podcast now!!) We’ve worked together for several months now, and I love picking her brain about nutrition, health, food, etc. She always has such great ideas! During our call, I complained that oatmeal hasn’t been “agreeing” with me lately. Well, apparently, soaking oats makes them easier to digest, which makes so much sense now. I rarely have issues with overnight and crock-pot oats, but stove-top oats don’t always sit well. Just wanted to pass along the info! 🙂

Unrelated, but awesome: Boxed now delivers WINE. Holy cow. You guys know how much we love Boxed, right? Short story: We order diapers, wipes, and household items in bulk, and they arrive at our front door like 24 hours later. Well, now they deliver wine! #lifechanger And how perfect would wine be as a last-minute holiday gift! Smile

Speaking of holiday gifts… I recently partnered with Minted to make our holiday cards. Oh my gosh, that pug face kills me!


Also from Minted, I got this framed print for Mal. When we talk about our favorite travel adventures, he always mentions our road trip through Ireland. Plus, this is what we’ve had hanging in our master bathroom since we moved in…


It’s definitely time to upgrade!

FYI: That tiny photo in the corner of the frame is (creepy) Murphy. Mal and I used to hide it on each other, but it finally ended up there.

Speaking of the pug… he loses his sh*t over these VeggieDents. (You may have seen his pug excitement on Instagram Stories.) Our vet suggested them as a way to keep his doggie teeth clean, so just wanted to pass along the recommendation.


Quinn is going to be in a holiday musical tonight (through daycare), and I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited for anything in my whole life.

The end.

Questions of the Day

How’s life? What’s up for the weekend? What would you tell me this morning over coffee?