Spring Vegetable Green Curry Soup (Raw)

raw-spring-vegetable-green-curry-soup by food to glowThis raw soup of fresh spring vegetables – and a strong hint of warm spice – is the perfect antidote to all of the chocolate and other indulgent foods many of us have been enjoying over the past week.

To make it you will need a powerful blender that can blitz hard vegetables into a smooth-as-silk soup. My Optimum 9400 from Froothie does this in seconds, and also heats the soup to a lovely warm temperature -just from friction alone. If you are using another type of blender, get the soup to the consistency that you wish, pour it into a pan and heat very gently – don’t boil, or even simmer, it. This way you will preserve all of those lovely nutrients and that super-fresh taste that only raw foods give. The OH (Andrew) really liked this, which I was kind of surprised about, to be honest!

I’ll be back soon with a ‘sharing post’ of great recipes from my fellow healthy food bloggers. These carefully selected recipes will help all of us step back from the nutritional precipice that was Easter eating. And no, they aren’t all raw.🙂

raw-spring-vegetable-green-curry-soup by food to glow

Spring Green Curry Soup (Raw)

  • Servings: 2-4
  • Time: 5 minutes
  • Difficulty: easy
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Gently heat the spice mix and oil, then add to the blender for the best taste, but you can add it straight in and not add the oil. The coconut milk powder/milk is optional and makes for a very different taste. See the note at the bottom if you are not used to eating raw foods in this way. Enjoy! xx

200g (7.3 oz) broccoli, cut into florets (include the stalk; it’s lovely and sweet)

125g (4 oz) courgettes/zucchini, sliced

1 medium carrot, sliced

1-2 spring onions, chopped (optional)

50g (2 oz) sugar snap peas or mangetout OR asparagus

80-100g (2.8 – 3 oz) young spinach

1 small thumb of fresh turmeric OR 1 tsp ground turmeric

1 mild green chilli (optional)

75g (2.6 oz) cashews OR organic tofu (cashews make a creamier soup)

1 tsp oil (optional)

1 tsp garam masala (I used a fantastic blend from Spice Kitchen – they hand blend every batch. Read more about this small family business here.) OR other Indian/Pakistani spice blend that you like

1 tbsp light (yellow) miso paste

1-2 tsp vegetable bouillon powder or equivalent crushed stock cube (or 2 tsp of stock powder instead of the miso but both together give a wonderful, balanced taste) – start with 1 tsp and only add a second one after you have blended  and tasted it

Hot water (about 1 & 1/2 cups, but it is up to you – and don’t add it all at once)

2 tbsp coconut powder or 4 tbsp coconut milk (optional)

a few basil leaves (optional)

A squeeze of lemon or lime to stir into each serving

Special equipment: powerful blender, such as my Optimum 9400 power blender, Vitamix* or Blendtec**.

1. Gently sauté the spice, blend in the oil and set aside.

2. Put half of the vegetables and cashews/tofu in the blender, along with one cup of hot water and blend until smooth and volume has greatly decreased. Add the other half of the vegetables and nuts, plus the curry powder/oil, miso and vegetable stock powder, and blend a bit more, perhaps adding additional hot water until you get the desired consistency. Be careful, you don’t want it watery. Taste and adjust the flavours as you like. Serve with lemon or lime juice and any garnishes leftover from the initial chopping (e.g. save back some asparagus tips or shaves of courgette)

Serve immediately for best nutrition and taste.

Note: for those not used to eating raw foods like this serve yourself a smaller bowl (a  quarter of the jug) than you would of a ‘normal’ soup. This is because, despite appearances, you are consuming a whole lot of veggies at once and you can feel very full very quickly!

FYI >> How the Optimum 9400 Super-Blender compares with other blenders in its class:

* Here is a link comparing the specifications of the Blendtec and the Optimum 9400 by Froothie.

** Here is a link comparing the specifications of the equivalent Vitamix with the Optimum 9400 by Froothie.

And here is a link to the comparison with the Nutribullet.spring-vegetable-gree-curry-soup-raw by food to glow

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