11 Last-Minute Vegetarian Thanksgiving Day Recipes

Only a few days to go until Thanksgiving, and I’m positive that you have everything organised. But, if there  is a teensy gap in your menu, please scroll on down for some links to Thanksgiving Day-friendly Food To Glow recipes from the past five years. Never mind the photography.😉

Cauliflower Cheese is such a family favourite but it really isn’t the first thing you might think of for a festive table. However, make it into a cake and it turns into the perfect vegetarian main course for Thanksgiving or Christmas. This gooey, herb-flecked cake also makes great leftovers.

This crumbly, gooey and slightly sweet tart tatin would make a glorious holiday vegetarian or vegan main course or, sliced more thinly, an appetizer or starter.

This vegan dressing is laced with winter herbs and tangy sour cherries to make a flavour-packed and slightly unusual side dish for the holiday table.

This rosti cake recipe is ripe for ad libbing – change out the herbs; add in chopped olives or sautéed chestnuts; directly sub rice for quinoa or barley; leave out the cheese and add nuts instead, or as well as. You can even use other root vegetables: just keep the same weight and you’ll be good to go. Reheats well too.

These easily assembled stacks can be a main or a side, vegan or meaty, made ahead or on the day. Change out the herbs if you like and feel free to use any sturdy bread – stale is perfect. Or a combination of bread and crackers, or crumbled cornbread.

Nearly every Southern cook in America has a tried and trusted cornbread ‘dressing’ recipe. This one is a variation on one I make year after year. Usually eggs are added for more of a bread pudding effect, but this year it has gone vegan. If you want to add egg, stir in three after mixing in the stock.

This is seriously yummy. These tangy-sweet-umami sprouts are one of those more than the sum of its parts kind of foods. If you like sprouts even a tiny bit you will be picking them off the tray like we do.

Sweet potato casserole {or soufflé, if you want to be fancy} is great with spicy-hot things, with other hot vegetable dishes, veggie sausages, as well as cold or hot meats – if you are that way inclined. I’ve seen it at barbeques in hottest, stickiest August, the pan scraped clean. Heck, if you top with marshmallows, it could be a fibre-packed dessert. Leftovers can be blended with some flour and made into sweet potato pancakes or muffins. An essential at the Southern Thanksgiving table.

Holiday side dish magic - creamed kale. Eat this at anytime but especially at Thanksgiving and Christmas


Holiday side dish magic – creamed kale. Eat this at anytime but especially at Thanksgiving and Christmas.

An easy and oh-so delicious side dish for Thanksgiving, Christmas or any winter meal. Vegan and very family-friendly.

This pie is dedicated to those of you who – like me – don’t really like pumpkin pie.

I’ll be back with a globally-inspired but seasonal recipe on Thursday. No sprouts.😉