Favorites List (10.13.16)

A few favorites for the weekend! -h

Mezcal Sunrise

Climbing the Eye of God

– Reading: this, next up this

Turmeric Popcorn

– Watching: this Frontline

Watching this never gets old.

Mr. Money Mustache’s retirement (sort of) plan

Behind the Scenes at Santa Maria Novella, the World’s Oldest Pharmacy

Medical Mountaineers

Buddy Benches – bring on the adult versions too! 🙂

– Vote. And, also, vote with your dollars.

A Minimalist Architect’s Surprisingly Vibrant Tuscan Home

Vitamin C Tea

“>Chained to the Stove: What It’s Really Like to Write a Cookbook

The Lost Frescoes of Rajasthan

The Birth of Sake (video)

Cosmic Doughnuts


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