How to Eat Vegan on a Carnival Cruise

Cruising can be intimidating for vegans, but if you follow these 9 suggestions, you’re guaranteed to have a great vegan cruise.

Having a drink during departure is a cruise tradition.

Crusing is scary for most vegans. We’re used to being in complete control of what we eat, and the idea of being trapped on a ship and at the mercy of its cooks prevents many of us from considering taking a cruise. I know I would never have taken a cruise if it weren’t for the fact that my (non-vegan) parents and siblings love to cruise. They’re fans of “floating family reunions,” and I’ve come to agree that cruising is a great way to get the family together without worrying about who’s going to do all the cooking and cleanup. I’ve just returned from my third cruise with my extended family, and I had a great time. And I didn’t starve!

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