Want to Try CrossFit? Here’s What You Need to Know

With the CrossFit Open kicking off later today (woohoo!), I wanted to share some of the posts I’ve written about the “Sport of Fitness” over the years. I figured having them all in one place would be useful for those of you thinking about trying CrossFit in the future. I hope you find them helpful! And GOOD LUCK to those of you participating in the Open this year!

5 CrossFit Tips for Beginners: Ready to try CrossFit? Here are five tips that will help you get started!

How to Balance CrossFit and Running: Probably the most common question I receive!

My 8-Week Half Marathon Training Plan (with CrossFit Workouts included): If there’s a will, there’s a way! Spoiler: Not over-training is key!

My Pregnancy Modifications for CrossFit: These modifications worked for me during my pregnancy. If you’re pregnant, or thinking about it soon, you might find these modifications helpful to your CF workouts.

Diet, CrossFit & Running: What Really Changed My Body: I received so many questions about these things from readers, I finally wrote a blog post.

What to Pack for a CrossFit Competition: Here’s a post all about what I packed for my first CrossFit competition.

My Experience at the CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Course: A summary of my experience at the two-day CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Course and my thoughts about the instruction, workouts, exam, etc.

CrossFit Q & A: This post answers questions regarding class structure (i.e. Is the workout really just 5 minutes long?), how many calories you burn at a typical class, what shoes to wear, how to find a gym in your area, how to justify the cost of CrossFit, what to expect at your first class/intro session, and more!

CrossFit Q & A II: This post answers questions regarding being fit enough to try CrossFit (trust me, YOU ARE!), what’s up with the Paleo diet, doing CrossFit at home (check out my CrossFit-inspired workouts on Pinterest for a TON of ideas), and more!

CrossFit Home Gym Essentials: Thinking about building a gym at your home? Here’s a post about what we selected for our home gym.

How My Body Changed After Starting CrossFit: I wrote this post about a year after doing CrossFit on a regular basis.

What NOT to Wear to a CrossFit Class: Starting Crossfit, like any new fitness regimen, can seem overwhelming if you’re not prepared. Take some of the uncertainty out of your first workout by knowing what to wear or better yet, what NOT to wear.

Tips for Kipping Pull-Up Success: Here are a few tips and cues that helped me learn how to do kipping pull-ups.

Discouraged By Lack of Strength: A reader question and my reply. Spoiler: Don’t compare yourself to others!

My Favorite CrossFit-Inspired Workouts: Lots and lots and LOTS of workouts to try! 🙂

Question of the Day

Are you participating in the CrossFit Open this year? If so, any guesses for what we’ll see in the first workout?

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