10 Photos That Prove Debby Ryan is Literally a Makeup Master

Some celebs are so damn good at nailing their makeup, we find ourselves screenshotting every single one of their pictures for future reference. But despite the endless amount of beauty inspo on Instagram (so many posts, so little time), not all of us want to do a 17-step, Kylie Jenner-level makeup routine every single morning. Which is why we’re so obsessed with actress Debby Ryan, who we partially believe was sent to us from the social-media heavens to give us all of the contour-free inspiration we so desperately need.

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Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

Not only is the Jessie star quite possibly the most adorable human alive, she’s also really, really excellent at doing her own makeup. And sure, that shouldn’t be a giant, applause-worthy feat, but we’re not saying that Ryan is good at makeup…for an actress; we’re saying that she’s good at makeup for being a mere mortal. Like, we thought our neutral smokey eye game was strong, but scroll through Ryan’s feed and you’ll see insanely fun, hot-pink eyeliner, under-eye glitter, and vampy mauve lipstick.

But rather than having us talk you through every single inspo-worthy image on Ryan’s account (wait, you don’t want a dissertation on pretty stuff?), we think you should just click through the photos yourself. But be warned—you’re going to want to try every single one of the 10 looks out on yourself, so you might want to clear your calendar, first.

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