You Need to See Dove Cameron’s Truly Insane ‘80s Ponytail

We really didn’t think anything could top the insanely long and high ponytail Ariana Grande‘s worn for the last, uh, every single year ever, but then we saw a picture of Dove Cameron from last night, who pretty much topped every single ponytail we’ve ever seen—and that includes anything ever worn by Grande, Madonna, and even Jeannie in I Dream of Jeannie. Yup.

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The picture, posted by hairstylist Chad Wood (whose client list includes truly every celeb you’ve ever seen), shows Cameron sitting in a chair with glossy red eyes, dewy skin, and the most outrageously high, tight, braided, and crazy ponytail we’ve possibly ever seen. The caption on the photo: “’Do something else, do my eyebrows’ #madonna #hairbyme.” Clearly, we’re getting hardcore Madonna vibes from this hair, but Madonna times one billion, what with the slicked-back ponytail, the double fishtail braids wrapped around the base of it, and the teased tail.

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

We think it’s safe to say that there are a few dozen hair extensions on Cameron’s head, meaning her ponytail must weigh approximately one-hundred pounds. Though we probably won’t be recreating this look at home anytime soon, we’ll gladly stare at it with admiration.

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