Emily Ratajkowski Took a Walk in Lingerie for DKNY, and There’s Video

Emily Ratajkowski has posed for many photographs in her lingerie. You might even say she’s built a brand around that very activity. But heretofore, we hadn’t actually seen her wandering around in a pair of black lace briefs and a matching bra, parading her bangin’ bod through the streets of NYC.

That changed today, when DKNY released a video of Ratajkowski doing just that. After she’s “awakened” by her quite frankly adorable dog, she shrugs on a bra (she’s “sleeping” in just a pair of underwear, natch), grabs the leash, and trudges down her stairs (at least for this fever dream, she lives in a walk-up building, because—authenticity and stuff).

emily ratajkowski 1 Emily Ratajkowski Took a Walk in Lingerie for DKNY, and Theres Video

Photo: YouTube/DKNY

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This, of course, causes a bit of a stir. Her grouchy downstairs neighbor comes out to the landing for a look, only to roll her eyes and go back inside (“there goes Emily, taking a stroll in her underwear—predictable,” she seems to be saying); the guy coming into the building as she leaves can’t help but unleash a shit-eating grin as Ratajkowski walks by; and then, obviously, she causes an accident, when a cab driver is so distracted by her morning look that he runs into another car.

On January 20, Ratajkowski Instagrammed a pic of herself working on the short with the caption, “Shooting today in NYC mid-January in 40 degree weather in MY UNDERWEAR. Working hard lol ❄️💪🏽😜.” Indeed. It’s all in a day’s work for Ratajkowski. 

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