Bella Hadid Is Rocking Curly Hair and Bringing Back the Perm

Remember the Eighties? Hoop earrings, shoulder pads, and perms galore? Well, it’s a pretty safe bet that Bella Hadid doesn’t remember the Eighties—she was born in 1996—but her hair seems to remember it. In a new pic, girlfriend has a full-on perm, and her usually pin-straight, often slicked-back hair is curly as hell.

OK, it could be the work of an talented hairstylist (Bella has plenty of those lying around) or a straight-up wig (there happens to be one in the background of this very shot), but we hope it’s a perm. If it is a perm, we’ll start seeing models from sea to shining sea rocking perms, and that sounds fun.

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

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Bella didn’t really say much about her hair in the shot, but much like her sister, Gigi Hadid, she definitely forgot her pants for the pic. This is not the first time a Hadid’s pants have gone missing, nor will it be the last. We jest, we jest—hey, if you want to take a selfie sans pants and give the people what they want, why not?

In related news, can we talk about the phone case Hadid is rocking? Does it actually say “Ciao Bella”? 🙈

Anyway, we have a feeling that next time we see Bella, her hair will be as straight as ever, but—hey, a girl can dream.

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