Beyhive Theory Alert: Beyonce’s Fans Think the Twins Are Boys

Beyoncé’s fans are nothing if not observant. And so, when the Beyhive started theorizing that her twins are boys, we listened—though their proof is either a little shaky or completely over-the-top genius, depending on how you look at it.

The facts: Bey posted a pic of herself fully pregnant on her website wearing a pair of very distinctive earrings. So distinctive, in fact, that her eagle-eyed fans noticed that they are the exact same earrings she wore in her music video “If I Were a Boy.” So—obviously she’s having boys, according to the Beyhive.

beyonce Beyhive Theory Alert: Beyonces Fans Think the Twins Are Boys


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But before you roll your eyes, hear them out. Bey loves hidden messages (like, is she wearing green 24/7 right now because she’s due in May and the birthstone for that month is emerald?!), and she’s no stranger to a little wink-wink, nudge-nudge (remember the time she posted this before she dropped Lemonade?).

Have a look at the music video and puzzle it out for yourself. One thing is for sure: If Bey really does have twin boys, the Beyhive is going to freak out.

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