Sunscreen 101: The Best Moisturizers with SPF

It can be tough to follow through on all 5 million steps of our morning beauty routine, but skimping out on sunscreen is just not an option—so finding the best moisturizers with SPF is a top priority.

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Face makeup with sunscreen absolutely help to protect you, but considering you don’t evenly apply makeup everywhere from your forehead to your neck and chest, picking up an SPF-packed moisturizer is the key to real protection. Apply all over from your hairline, down to your neck, then to your chest (and don’t forget the tops of your ears!) for the barrier your skin needs against the sun. Plus, remember to re-apply every two hours when you’re spending the day outside so you’re always covered.

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The next step? Finding the best moisturizer with sunscreen that’ll protect your delicate skin without irritating or making you break out. We’ve rounded up 12 of the best moisturizers with SPF, because while we may still be working on that whole “multitasking” concept, these products have got it down pat.

Originally published June 2014. Updated March 2017.