Fitness Editor-Approved Clothes So Cute You’ll Never Skip a Workout

You know those days when you wake up early, expecting to jump out of bed and hit the gym, only to end up hitting snooze until you’ve run out of time to get on the treadmill? Or those postwork moments when you have every intention of heading to the yoga studio, but just go home once you’ve shut down your laptop? Not exactly how you wanted the day to pan out.

It’s common to wake up or leave work with good intentions and be disappointed in your commitment to them, but it doesn’t have to end there. With an arsenal of stylish apparel to wear, you’ll most likely be more motivated to head to your sweat session. Having something you like to wear is believed to help motivate people stick with their fitness aspirations. So whether you’re hoping to do morning yoga or evening TRX, we have three head-to-toe looks for those seeking quality performance products that are fashionable.