5 Fun Hangout Ideas That Aren’t Brunch

Before we go offending the “Give us brunch or give us death!” contingent, let us be clear: We’re very passionate about our eggs Benedict and French toast. In fact, one of our favorite ways to spend an afternoon is indulging in mimosas and huevos rancheros with friends. However, given all the fun and interesting things one can do with their time, brunch isn’t always the most exciting option when planning a group outing.

Our motivation to change up how we bond and catch up with friends has led us to wine cellars where we’ve tested our sommelier skills, dance classes that convinced us we’re ready to tour with Beyoncé, and Paint Nite—the popular painting-event-meets-happy-hour where you can channel you inner Frida Kahlo over cocktails.

The next time you’re looking to get your crew together, consider one of these STYLECASTER-approved hangout ideas. We promise that they’re just as fun as brunch.