Doppelgänger Alert! Suri Cruise Looks Exactly Like Mom Katie Holmes In This Pic

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Katie Holmes and daughter Suri Cruise look like twins in this photo. [Us Weekly]

Giving everyone birth control would save the U.S. $12 billion annually. Cool, cool. [Elle]

Target’s latest swim campaign is completely unretouched! [Cosmopolitan]

Inside the secret world of Instagram comment pods. [Racked]

Are vitamins from trendy start-up brands the new It item to try? Probably yes. [Fashionista]

Gigi and Zayn have “secret” nicknames for each other but it’s literally just the first letters of their first names, so. [Marie Claire]

Not the Monica Geller type? Heres how to make spring cleaning non-boring. [Refinery29]

Baby spas are here. We repeat, baby spas are here. [Allure]

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