This Woman Is Proving That Weight Loss Comes to Those Who Wait – and Put In the Work

In 2008, one woman decided to overhaul her diet and start working out after her weight reached 300 pounds. Years later, she wrote about her initial weight loss in an Imgur post under her handle, Eevee1989. Now she’s back with yet another post detailing her remarkable weight loss that’s exceeded 200 pounds.

In her first, very personal post, she explained the circumstances that led to her making lifestyle changes. She said, “My knees had so many problems and walking was a hard chore,” adding, “The doctor did try to put me forward for one of those stomach band things but I refused the surgery, I didn’t want to rely on something like that to lose weight.” At the time of this first post, she had lost nearly 200 pounds and was hoping to continue working on her diet and fitness regimen.

In her latest post, she shared an update: “I’d have to say it’s going pretty damn well!” She also proudly wrote about gaining muscle definition and losing weight in her midsection. “I’m finally where I want my body to be and I’m happily maintaining what I’ve got,” she said. Key components in her weight-loss journey were patience and persistence, as she admitted that it was hard and took about nine years.

The only downside to her transformation? “I will say I miss having boobs,” she remarked. Ahead, see her awe-inspiring before-and-after pictures.