49 Ways to Get a Head Start on Next Season’s Biggest Trends

While most of us are celebrating the fact that it finally feels like spring, the fashion world is already thinking towards cooler days ahead, all thanks to the bizarre-o fashion calendar. Now, don’t let this harsh your buzz just yet—the rest of us don’t need to dwell on what winter coats we’ll be wearing this year when Easter is barely behind us, but we can take a look at the crystal ball that is Fashion Month to see the trends that we’ll be coveting come September. Because why wait until everyone else is wearing the next big thing when you could already have it in your closet?

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That said, there’s no need to start looking into faux-fur jackets or heavy wool sweaters when all you can think about buying are sandals and crop tops—with a little strategic thinking, you can integrate next season’s slinky metallics, rich burgundies, or Western-inspired details into your wardrobe right now.

We took a look back at the top 12 trends that emerged from New York Fashion Week in February and put together a guide to shopping every last one for spring, which you’ll find in the gallery below.

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